Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cactus Rose 100 pre-race chat...

Well, I have committed to the Cactus Rose 100 miler this weekend and will be "running".

My training has be unbelievably subpar compared to what I'd like to do, but I've done the best I could with the time I had. With that said, I wanna throw a few possibilities out there for this weekend.

Since I've never seen the Cactus/Bandera course before it's honestly pretty hard for me to say but it sounds llike my kind of course.

Best case scenario: Sub 24
Impressed Goal: Sub 27:10:58
Super Happy: Sub 30
Satisfied: Sub 36

As always I'll be more than happy with a finish, but if I don't do anything stupid I believe sub 27:10 is possible. The weather is looking pretty good, albeit a bit chilly. The high today in Bandera was 84, but the high tomorrow and Saturday is gonna be in the high 50s. That's pretty cold to me.

With that said, I'm heading out tomorrow around lunch time. Will be back Sunday night late. Hopefully I'll have an update by Monday night.

See ya on the flipside.